Invited Talks

Argument Quality in Times of Large Language Models by Henning Wachsmuth

Natural language processing (NLP) is shaping the view of artificial intelligence (AI) in business and society these days, due to the impressive capabilities of large language models (LLMs). These capabilities also have great potential for the development of robust argumentation machines. A central task that argumentation machines need to tackle is the assessment of argument quality, which is important for nearly any practical application. In this talk, I start from basics of LLMs and argument quality, before I present recent attempts of my group involving LLMs to bring argument quality research to the next level, that is, not only to assess quality but to improve it. From there, I look at the recent breakthroughs of LLMs and the paradigm shift that comes with them – for argument quality in particular as well as for NLP and AI in general.

Talk by Yufang Hou

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Talk by Elena Cabrio

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